Byers’ Choice 2010 Mid-Year Carolers

Wow, that’s the one word to describe the new 2010 Mid-Year Byers’ Choice Carolers.  There are 4 new Carolers, each of which is unique in design and colors.          

“Ice Princess”

Our favorite is the Ice Princess (shown on the left). She is attired in a blue velvet gown trimmed with silver lace and silver stars.  On her head is a gold tiara and she is carrying a crystal scepter befitting royalty.  The Polar Bear Club (sold separately) is the perfect accessory to accompany the “Ice Princess”.         


Virginia O’Hanlon (shown on the right) wrote a letter to the editor of the New York Sun on whether or not there is a Santa Claus.  The response from veteran newspaper man Francis Church in 1897 has since become the most reprinted newspaper editorial, appearing in part or whole in dozens of languages in books, movies and other editorials, on posters and stamps. Click here to see the entire letter.        

"Old English Santa"

 Elegant and regal in stature, the Old English Santa is a must for those of you that collect Byers’ Choice santas.  Our Old English Santa carries a brass lantern to help guide his way this Yuletide season.  The “Leather Horse” can be purchased separately.             

Last, but certainly not least of the mid-year Carolers  

Gardening Mrs. Claus

 is the Gardening Mrs. Claus.   Attired in her favorite gardening outfit that includes a warm scarf and straw hat.     The pinecones and berries she gathers make the perfect Christmas decorations for her cottage at the North Pole. She is ready to water the poinsettias so that they are ready for the holidays.  A great accessory would be the “Holiday Flower Cart”.     To view the entire line of the 2010 Byers Choice Mid -Year Carolers, click here.           

2010 Redemption Carolers            

2010 Harvest Man and Woman

Just in time for your Fall decorating, the 2010 Harvest Man and Woman is the perfect addition to your Fall Byers Choice display.  The Wooden Duck is excited to offer these Carolers to our customers, pre-orders need to be received no later than September 5th, 2010.  The Wooden Duck will complete the necessary paperwork to send to the Byers’ Choice factory to secure the Carolers for you.
Shipping for these Carolers will occur in early October, 2010.  Please, if you pre-order these Carolers, do so on a separate order from other Carolers.

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